The travel club, AAA, reported Tuesday that the national average for regular gasoline hovers at $3.951 a gallon. Last year at the same time it was selling for just $2.908. 

The House and Senate are considering dueling energy bills this week. On Wednesday, the GOP-controlled House will vote on a bill that would require the Department of the Interior to act on Gulf drilling permit applications. At the same time, the Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to consider a bill that would raise taxes on the big five oil producers to the tune of about $21 billion a year, and use the money to pay down the deficit.

Using a series of placards, Carter detailed the ways in which he believes the Obama administration has acted to sabotage American energy production. His complaints included the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) restrictions on exploration, last year's moratorium on drilling on the Gulf Coast, and the administration's opposition to Yucca Mountain as a nuclear waste storage site.

"We need an energy policy that works, not an anti-energy policy," said Carter.

About 30-minutes into the discussion, Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Penn.) described his disdain for the the way he believes the Obama administration has damaged the economy by shutting down energy production.

"His policy is about shutting down all the wonderful energy resources we have been blessed with in this country," Thompson said.