One is S. 990, which would extend small-business programs for the rest of fiscal 2011; the House will take up this bill under a suspension of its rules. That bill is different from the Senate-passed S. 990, which would extend these programs for a full year, until May 31, 2012.

Members are also expected to take up H.R. 1216, which would reduce federal funding for graduate medical education. The rule approved today by the House Rules Committee calls for one hour of debate on this bill, which will be followed by debate and vote on amendments.

The House then anticipates starting work Tuesday on the NDAA, H.R. 1540. The same rule that applies to H.R. 1216 also applies to this bill, which will be debated for one hour before amendments are taken up.

As of Monday night, more than 200 amendments had been filed, and consideration of these may last into late Tuesday night. However, House Republicans were expected Tuesday to approve a rule that limits the number of amendments that will be considered.

Among the controversial amendments to the bill are a handful that would eliminate or scale back language that affirms the ongoing armed hostilities with terrorist groups. Opponents of this language in the bill say this amounts to a permanent authorization of war against these groups.

Once the Senate returns to work today, it will continue consideration of S. 1038, which would extend expiring Patriot Act surveillance authorities.