In remarks on the House floor Wednesday morning, Speier said the subcommittee called Warren late to adjust the time of the hearing, but told Warren she would be done by 2:15 p.m. As 2:15 p.m. came and went, Warren said she had to leave for another engagement.

"This is when the chairman crossed the line and told her, 'You're making this up,'" Speier said. "That's right, he called her a liar."

For treating her this way, McHenry owes Warren and members of the subcommittee an apology, Speier said.

"I ask today that the chair of the subcommittee, the gentleman from North Carolina, Mr. McHenry, immediately and sincerely apologize to Professor Warren," she said. "I also believe he should apologize to members of the subcommittee, both in the majority and the minority, for denigrating the proceedings of a body and pledge to never allow the political agenda to interfere with the common decency and respect that the rest of us understand is absolutely necessary in order to do the people's work."

Speier said she doubts an apology would be forthcoming and said McHenry's remarks are part of a Republican strategy to "paint everyone in public service as liars, cheats or otherwise despicable."

"Civility must be restored to this House," Speier concluded. "Or at least, school monitors to prevent spitballs from being thrown around in committee hearings."