The amendment (#27 of those being considered) is a response to Republican complaints that the Obama administration is considering an Executive Order requiring information on political disclosures.

During the brief debate, Cole rejected Democratic arguments that the disclosure requirement is aimed at gathering useful information, and said such a requirement would raise fears of political retaliation.

"It's a political quest, not a quest for more information," Cole said. "It's not about trying to make decisions on contracts." A final vote on the NDAA is expected Thursday or possibly Friday.

The Cole amendment was the only one approved by recorded vote in the series of votes held Wednesday evening. Details about failed roll call votes follow. Amendments are listed by number, and more details on them can be seen here.

# 2, Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), to eliminate funds for procurement of Navy and Air Force V-22 Osprey aircraft. Failed in a 83-334 vote. (More details on this story here.)

# 12, Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), to create a pilot scholarship program for service members with dependent children with special needs. Failed in a 203-213 vote.

# 24, Paul Sarbanes (D-Md.), to preserve current law saying DOD must do an inventory of contractors before offering new contracts. Failed in a 198-225 vote.

# 25, Chris MurphyChris MurphyDems see huge field emerging to take on Trump Administration briefs Senate on progress against ISIS Iran deal faces uncertain future under Trump MORE (D-Conn.), to give manufacturers a chance to describe how winning a contract would affect domestic employment. Failed in a 208-212 vote.

# 28, John GaramendiJohn GaramendiNRCC uses digital ads to target California Dems who opposed Water Act bill Do we really want to give Trump a new nuke? Plans for Space Corps survive House debate MORE (D-Calif.), to require DoD contractors to set aside 40 percent of contract for local qualified subcontractors. Failed in a 168-256 vote.

# 26, Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), to require public disclosure of info related to DoD officials who take jobs in companies that contract with DoD. Failed in a 176-248 vote.

# 30, Jim Himes (D-Conn.), to require savings from shifting to civilian employees from contractors be directed to deficit reduction. Failed in a 184-240 vote.

# 31, Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson-LeeHouse committee advances budget resolution Dems launch ‘no confidence’ resolution against Trump House Democrats offer to set agenda for Trump-Putin meeting MORE (D-Texas), to require DoD to conduct outreach to minority and women-owned businesses for contracting. Failed in a 191-232 vote.

# 32, Rob Andrews (D-NJ), to suspend enforcement of DOD's efficiency initiative. Failed in a 178-246 vote.

#33, Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), to return DOD spending to 2008 levels. WITHDRAWN.

# 37, Cedric Richmond (D-La.), to prevent payment incentives to close a Navy shipyard in Louisiana. Failed in a 177-246 vote.

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