Gingrey says Boehner convinced him to oppose Kucinich Libya amendment

Gingrey was likely speaking for several other Republicans who are likely to support a separate resolution from Boehner that asks the administration for detailed information on its plans in Libya, and scolds President Obama for failing to seek congressional authorization for continued operations there under the War Powers Resolution. House passage of Kucinich's resolution is less likely, although it is expected to draw some Republican support.

"Make no mistake about it, this president got us into this mess," Gingrey said. "It was an absolute mistake. But now that he has committed us, the United States of America and our troops, to NATO, through this U.N. resolution, I feel that it would be a mistake to immediately, within 14 days, pull the rug out from under that operation."

Gingrey added that Boehner told Republicans that his resolution is "not the end of this," and indicated that Republicans are discussing the idea of amending the War Powers Resolution. Gingrey hinted that amendments could be considered that more clearly require the administration to seek authorization for military operations.

"What did he do, send a tweet to the chairman of the Senate and House Armed Services committees, and the respective Select Committees on Intelligence?" Gingrey asked, mocking the lack of the Obama administration's formal request for congressional authorization to begin operations in Libya.

"That's not good enough for me," Gingrey said. "It should never happen again."

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