"We can no longer nibble around the edges of our unsustainable spending in Washington," said McCotter, who is considering a run for the White House. "We must fundamentally restructure big government into a citizen-driven government."

In the speech at the RightOnline Conference, McCotter received his biggest round of applause when he mocked President Obama's famed use of the teleprompter, suggesting that the White House "employ some cue card holders" in order to create jobs.

McCotter also accused Democrats of being "wed to big government" and of dreaming up proposals to increase its size and scope.

Speaking of proposed cap and trade legislation, for example, McCotter said Democrats were "transcending even Lyndon Johnson's wildest dreams."

"They believe they can regulate Americans and somehow control the weather," said McCotter. "This is not only anti-scientific … it is insane."

Last week McCotter suggested that he was still weighing a run for the presidency but said that he would make a decision late, "right before the window closes.”