And by a 217-204 vote, members approved a Pete Sessions (R-Texas) amendment to strike language prohibiting the conversion of functions from federal employees to private contractors.

Earlier this year, the House approved similar language to the Homeland Security and Agriculture appropriations bills.

The two votes were the last in a series of votes to the DOD bill that took place throughout the day. Voting concluded at about 7:30 p.m., after which the House continued debate on several other amendments. Debate on one or more amendments striking DOD funding for operations in Libya were expected either late Wednesday or early Thursday.

Also on Wednesday, the House accepted an amendment from Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio). His language would transfer $3.6 million from Defense Wide Operations and Maintenance to a program aimed at helping Gulf War veterans with health issues, and it was approved in a 253-167 vote.

Earlier in the day, the House approved three other amendments by voice vote related to improving the health of U.S. service members. The House also approved language that restores funding for military bands.

Amendments rejected by the House on Wednesday were as follows:

Gerry ConnollyGerald (Gerry) Edward ConnollyDemocrats cheer the end of voter fraud commission Democrat: 'Fraudulent' voter fraud commission got ugly death it deserved 8.8 million sign up for ObamaCare, nearly matching last year MORE (D-Va.), transfer $10 million from Defense Wide Operations and Maintenance to a Strategic Environmental Research and Development program aimed at improving energy use. Failed in 175-241 vote.

Paul BrounPaul Collins BrounCalifornia lawmaker's chief of staff resigns after indictment Republican candidates run against ghost of John Boehner The Trail 2016: Let’s have another debate! MORE (R-Ga.), transfer $217 million from Defense Wide Operations and Maintenance, or 10 percent of that budget. Failed in 87-328 vote.

Earl BlumenauerEarl BlumenauerFifth Dem announces plan to boycott Trump's State of the Union Maxine Waters to skip Trump's State of the Union People with addiction issues should be able to control their own health data MORE (D-Ore.), transfer $15 million from Defense Wide Operations and Maintenance to Defense Wide Research, Development, Test and Evaluation for the Energy Security and Technical Certification program. Failed in 152-266 vote.

Peter WelchPeter Francis WelchClinton mulls role in 2018 midterms Trump talks tough but little action seen on drug prices Frustrated with Trump, Dems introduce drug pricing bill MORE (D-Vt.), transfer $297 million from Air Force Research, Development, Test and Evaluation to the Spending Reduction Account to eliminate funding for the Next Generation Bomber. Failed in 98-322 vote.

Two other amendments from Rep. Broun were scheduled for recorded votes, but Broun agreed to let the prior voice votes against them stand. These amendments together would have moved $13.5 million from Navy and Airforce programs related to NATO to a cooperative missile defense program with Israel.