The discovery of bin Laden at the beginning of May by U.S. special operations forces so close to a key Pakistani military academy has raised questions about how strong an ally Pakistan is, and prompted Poe to suggest the U.S. should cut off the country's funding.

But both of Poe's proposals failed. His first would have cut $1 billion in funds to Pakistan that the U.S. distributes to countries that are helping the U.S. in the war on terrorism. That failed in a 131-297 vote.

Poe's second amendment would have cut off another $1 billion in payments that the U.S. now makes to Pakistan for its counterinsurgency efforts. But that amendment also failed, in a 140-285 vote.

While Poe's amendments failed, a key Republican on Wednesday night said he also wants to explore whether defunding some aid to Pakistan is warranted.