But in several votes, a number of Republicans and Democrats joined together to reject proposals to cut beyond the cuts already in the bill. In a late Thursday vote, for example, members rejected a $820 million cut to the $30.6 billion spending bill, by a 99-328 vote.

As other amendments were debated, Rep. Tom GravesTom GravesOvernight Cybersecurity: Flynn refuses to comply with Senate subpoena | Chaffetz postpones hearing with Comey | Small biz cyber bill would cost M | New worm spotted after 'Wanna Cry' Health talks dominate Ryan meeting Dems seek more money for IRS MORE (R-Ga.) noted that while the House is cutting some programs, it has been hesitant to be more aggressive. "We are not cutting what's coming out of the committee," he said.

Nonetheless, a few more chances to cut the bill will arise on Friday before the House approves the entire bill and sends it to the Senate. Most notably, Rep. Marsha BlackburnMarsha BlackburnOvernight Tech: Supreme Court rules on patent 'venue shopping' case | Trump's budget | Ford's new CEO Week ahead: Tech awaits Trump budget House Republican unveils internet privacy bill MORE (R-Tenn.) put forward two amendments — one that would cut spending across the board by 5 percent, and another that would cut spending by 1 percent.

Amendments from Jeff FlakeJeff FlakeGOP talks of narrowing ‘blue-slip’ rule for judges Republicans consumed by Trump-Comey saga Senate panel approves bill allowing some border patrol agents to skip polygraphs MORE (R-Ariz.) will also be voted on Friday. He proposed to cut all funding for the Advanced Research Projects Agency — Energy (ARPA-E) at the Department of Energy, and all funds to fossil fuel R&D.

Rep. Paul BrounPaul BrounCalifornia lawmaker's chief of staff resigns after indictment Republican candidates run against ghost of John Boehner The Trail 2016: Let’s have another debate! MORE (R-Ga.) also has two amendments up for Friday. One would end funding for the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy account, and the other would prohibit funding for the vehicle Technologies Activities of the Department of Energy.

In addition to these another amendments, members will also vote on an amendment aimed at defunding implementation of federal light bulb standards that Republicans say will have the effect of banning traditional incandescent bulbs.