The bill is also accompanied by a stern warning from members that these agencies need to justify bonuses paid out to employees.

"The Committee is very concerned about the amount of performance based merit increases being given by some agencies of the Legislative Branch," report language accompanying the bill said. "It has come to the Committee's attention that, when incorporated into the annual base salary, there are some individuals whose total compensation is greater than that of the annual compensation of Members of Congress."

As a result, the bill specifically asks all agencies to report and justify bonuses that cause an employee's salary to exceed the annual rate for members of Congress.

House Republicans said the bill's overall 6.4 percent cut to legislative branch appropriations is needed to have Congress "set itself as an example for fiscal restraint." The House budget would be cut by $84 million, to $1.2 billion.

The Congressional Budget Office would be cut $3 million. The Government Accountability Office would be cut $35 million, the Architect of the Capitol would face a $36.6 million cut and the Library of Congress would be cut $53.4 million.

However, the sergeant at arms' budget would be increased, and the budget for the Capitol Police would be level-funded.