House Republicans call Obama 'arrogant' in debt-ceiling debate

Earlier, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) said Obama's fiscal policy is "breathtakingly arrogant" given the $4 trillion increase in the debt over the last 30 months. He also chided Obama for failing to develop any deficit plan of his own.

"To that I would just say to the president, please pull up a chair, sir," Franks said. "We are ready to eat our peas, and we need help."

Both Republicans and Democrats were testy in Tuesday debate on the rule for the Republican "cut, cap and balance" bill. Earlier, Democrats mocked the name of the bill, and several members of both parties lined up during debate on the controversial bill.

The Republican bill cuts 2012 spending, caps spending through 2021 by a shrinking percentage of GDP, and prohibits more borrowing until Congress passes a balanced-budget amendment.

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