House Majority Leader Eric CantorEric Ivan CantorDave Brat's seat moved to 'toss-up' 4 years after upset victory over Eric Cantor The animating forces behind the Democratic Party are true, radical leftists Divided Democrats are in danger MORE (R-Va.) said Friday that it is "likely" the House will take up a bill adding a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution.

The bill would follow on House passage this week of the GOP's "cut, cap and balance" bill, which would prohibit new federal borrowing until Congress has passed a balanced-budget amendment.

Democrats have highlighted the impossibility of Congress approving such an amendment before Aug. 2, when the U.S. will bump up against the debt ceiling. Senate Democrats are opposed to it, and the White House has said an amendment is not needed to handle the fiscal crisis.

House Republicans have continued to implement their plan, and have charged Senate Democrats with failing to offer any plan that can pass the Senate, let alone the House.

In his late Friday email, Cantor indicated that consideration of other legislation related to the debt ceiling is also "likely." He also warned members that a weekend session at the end of next week is "possible."

As of late Friday, Republicans had not indicated what text they might bring up for the balanced-budget amendment. Republicans have generally made bill texts public within three calendar days before a bill is brought up on the floor.