Aside from Obama's rhetoric, Pompeo noted that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in August issued a new rule making it harder for private jets to keep their flight patterns private. "This is an unprecedented step that will facilitate serious violations of privacy, and it doesn't help create jobs in America," he said, adding that he has introduced legislation to reverse this rule.

Pompeo also criticized the Obama administration's proposed $100 tax on general aviation users.

"At a time when America's got unemployment of one in six or more, it's no time add taxes on folks who are trying to fly their airplanes around this country, to get from Topeka to Des Moines, to get to small towns, to support American manufacturing," he said.

The Obama administration proposed a $100 tax on general aviation users last week, as part of its plan to pay for his jobs proposal and find a total of $3 trillion in deficit reduction.

"General aviation users currently pay a fuel tax, but this revenue does not cover their fair-share-use of air traffic services," the proposal says. "To reduce the deficit and more equitably share the cost of air traffic services across the aviation user community, the Administration proposes to establish a new mandatory surcharge for air traffic services. This proposal would create a $100 per flight fee, payable to the FAA, by aviation operators who fly in controlled airspace."

The administration estimates that this increase would generate $11 billion over the next decade.