House Republicans appeared to be preparing to take another shot at passing a continuing spending resolution on Thursday after members rejected a bill Wednesday that Democrats thought didn't offer enough disaster relief, and many Republicans thought didn't cut enough spending.

The House Rules Committee scheduled an "emergency" meeting on Wednesday night to approve a rule that would allow the House to consider a rule for legislation on the same day it is approved by the committee. Normally, rules for legislation are only considered on the House floor the day after being approved by committee.

The so-called "same day" rule was quickly approved by Rules in a meeting that lasted about five minutes. If the same day rule is passed on the floor Thursday, the Rules Committee could approve approve a rule for a new continuing resolution, the House could vote on the rule, and then the House could consider the underlying resolution, all on the same day.

While floor action on another continuing resolution now seems likely Thursday, House Republicans had not revealed what their legislative proposal might be. But some changes to the amount of disaster funding or how that funding is provided seem likely, as those issues were the main points of contention that led to the defeat of the continuing resolution earlier today.

During the Rules Committee meeting, Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.) revealed nothing about what a new continuing resolution would look like. The House adjourned shortly before 8 p.m.