House Dems again warn delay of EPA rules would lead to heart attacks, death

"Pass this bill, and you sentence hundreds of thousands to asthma attacks and a lifetime of health complications," Rep. Jim MoranJim MoranTen House seats Dems hope Trump will tilt The Hill's 12:30 Report Big names free to lobby in 2016 MORE (D-Va.) added. "Pass this bill and you saddle our economy with unnecessary costs and employers with millions of additional sick days. Pass this bill and you trigger an additional 20,000 heart attacks. Pass this bill, and you condemn tens of thousands of Americans to a premature death."

Democrats this week have been citing EPA statistics that estimate the health costs associated with delaying the boiler rule, and delaying a rule related to cement plants that House Republicans are also looking to delay.

Markey said Thursday that delaying the cement rule by passing H.R. 2681 would mean "up to 2,500 hundred people will die prematurely. There will be 1,700 cases of aggravated asthma, and 1,500 people will suffer heart attacks."

The House debated the cement bill Wednesday, and is expected to approve it later today. House passage of the boiler bill is expected next week.

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