The House and Senate next week will consider a continuing spending resolution that is attached to an appropriations bill that includes funding for a handful of federal agencies.

A continuing resolution needs to pass next week because the stopgap funding deal approved in early October only funds the government through Friday, Nov. 18.

According to House Republicans, the continuing resolution will be attached to H.R. 2112, which is now the so-called "minibus" spending bill covering the Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Science, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development departments. The House bill started as an Agriculture spending bill, but the Senate added the other elements and approved it in a Nov. 1 vote.

The expectation for the last several weeks has been a continuing resolution that keeps the federal government running through mid-December at least.

The House and Senate are already in a conference over H.R. 2112, part of what used to be a normal process for reconciling bills that pass both the House and Senate but are not identical.