Nevada to get Mount Reagan?
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Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.) on Thursday introduced legislation naming a 4,000-foot peak in his home state "Mount Reagan" after former President Reagan.

Heck's bill was introduced on Reagan's birthday, and supports an effort by the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (RRLP) to name the peak after the former president.

"He left America stronger, freer, and safer than the day he became President," Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and chairman of the RRLP, said last year. "Adding his name to the short list of great American presidents who have mountains named after them is an honor richly deserved."

Heck's bill is the latest chapter in the lengthy effort to name a peak in Nevada after Reagan. Last year, a volunteer group called the Mount Reagan Project filed an application with Nevada state authorities to rename one of the peaks of Frenchman Mountain after Reagan.

But in October, Rep. Dina Titus (D-Nev.) introduced a bill to name the same peak after Maude Frazier, who was the first woman lieutenant governor of the state. The Titus bill would name the peak "Maude Frazier Mountain."

In the eyes of a national board tasked with approving names for geographical features, the introduction of Titus's bill in Congress gave it precedent over the efforts of the Mount Reagan Project in the state of Nevada.

Heck's bill, H.R. 4017, would name a different peak on Frenchman Mountain after Reagan — essentially reserving that peak for Reagan to avoid having someone else in Congress claim it. This new peak is 3,952 feet high, 100 feet less than the peak claimed in the Titus bill.

"I'm extremely happy we were able to find a compromise," said Chuck Muth, president of the Mount Reagan Project. "Congresswoman Titus can have her mountain, and we can have ours. I can't thank Rep. Heck enough for helping our effort to make this honor for President Reagan a reality in Nevada."

Just like the Titus bill, the Heck bill was referred to the House Natural Resources Committee.

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