Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Wednesday morning that he feels sorry for Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for having to defend President Obamas economic record.

Shes got to stand up for the presidents record, and its pretty bad, Romney said Wednesday morning on CNN

Youve got almost 2 million people that have lost their jobs under this president. You have median income thats dropped by 10 percent over the last four years. Youve got 24 million people out of work or [who] have stopped looking for work.

This is a failed presidency. People know that.

Earlier Wednesday, Wasserman Schultz dismissed Romneys victory in Tuesdays New Hampshire primary by saying he won just 39 percent of the vote in a state next to the one he used to govern.

Hes got a family home [in New Hampshire], the Florida congresswoman said. He was governor of the state next door. So to not crack 40 percent in a primary [in which] you should have droves of Republicans coming to the polls to vote for you, that’s a problem.

Wasserman Schultz added that Romney leaves New Hampshire a wounded candidate, but Romney rejected that assessment.

The president, unopposed, only got 80 percent last night, he said.