Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Thursday denounced alleged targeting of Jews in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, calling it "deeply disturbing."

"If this attack is being used for political purposes, that is a particularly manipulative and callous act in a country where the Jewish community has already been subject to a rise in anti-Semitism," Nadler said.

Nadler, who represents one of the largest Jewish districts in the nation, said the situation should put the Jewish community on guard.

"The message for the Jewish community in Donetsk and the rest of us throughout the world is that, unfortunately, anti-Semitism is alive and well," Nadler said.

According to USA Today, Jews in Donetsk were given leaflets ordering them to provide a list of their property and pay a registration fee. The leaflets said that all citizens of Jewish descent over 16 years of age had to report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building, or else face deportation or asset confiscation.

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