Also Tuesday, members will consider the Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act, H.R. 2117. This bill would repeal two federal education regulations that Republicans say intrude on the authority of states. Members will also consider six amendments to this bill.

The Obama administration on Monday issued a one-paragraph statement saying it opposes the education bill, although this statement did not threaten to veto the bill.

"The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 2117, which would nullify certain Department of Education regulations that help ensure the integrity of the programs of student financial assistance under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965," the White House said. "These regulations are necessary to prevent the inflation of the academic credits attributed to postsecondary education courses that could result in the over-awarding of Federal student aid, and for the efficient administration of the student financial aid programs.

"Congress should not prevent the Secretary of Education from responsibly administering these programs and ensuring that consumers and taxpayers are protected from fraud, waste, and abuse."

The Senate also returns at 10 a.m. Tuesday with no definitive plans, although Democrats have been hoping to make progress on the Senate version of a two-year transportation authorization bill.