"It might hurt me a little bit politically, but it's the right thing to do."

Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks Inc. is the host of Limbaugh's show, and Cohen said his decision not to use the company reflects his view that Limbaugh did not apologize enough over the weekend for his remarks.

"He hasn't called the lady, he hasn't come to Georgetown University and made amends to all these women who he impugned their character with misogynist statements," Cohen said. Limbaugh's comments last week were aimed at Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown who was testifying before Congress on access to contraceptives.

Limbaugh said demanding free contraception was akin to wanting to be paid to have sex, but apologized on Saturday and again on his show Monday. However, pressure from Democrats to boycott the show and its advertisers continued to grow through the weekend. Limbaugh's show has lost several advertisers, although Limbaugh has said he can replace those companies with others.

Cohen on Tuesday also took a shot at Limbaugh's joke that he believes taxpayers should be able to watch people have sex if they receive taxpayer-funded contraception.

"It's funny Rush Limbaugh never questioned anybody getting a vasectomy, for what's the use of a vasectomy that's covered by insurance but to have sex without the fear of possibility of pregnancy?" Cohen said.

"Well, I wonder if he wants to watch all the men who had vasectomy have their sex? There's something wrong in the country, and the advertisers and the radio stations are responsible, and they need to take appropriate moral and ethical action and not continue to be accessories to the fact and support such trash."