DC delegate gets commitment from TSA on DC licenses

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said she hopes D.C. residents will no longer facing questioning when using their D.C. driver’s license as identification at airports. 

“D.C. residents were caught short when their licenses were questioned,” Norton said Monday. “Residents are sensitive about invidious treatment, considering what Congress throws at them. I appreciate the remedial actions led by top officials at the TSA.”

Her comments came after meeting with a top Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official, who said training on all three D.C. licenses currently in circulation will be a part of the daily transportation security officers’ briefings. 

The agency also promised to hold a longer training session in September on the identification of licenses, including the three D.C. licenses. 

Norton contacted the TSA after several constituents complained that their IDs were not being recognized.

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