When pressed further, he said, "I think they are going to throw out the whole bill, but I think we need a new bill to replace it regardless."

Kinzinger is one of several Republicans who has said the healthcare law needs to be replaced. Last year, he said the law should be replaced with other reforms, such as buying insurance across state lines, and reforms to medical lawsuit abuses. The House approved a medical tort reform bill just before it left for Easter recess.

Kinzinger also predicted that it is increasingly likely that GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum will drop out at some point. Tuesday night, former government Mitt Romney won primary contests in Maryland, Wisconsin and Washington D.C., further cementing his anticipated nomination.

"[Santorum] has a right to stay in through his home state, he has a right, frankly, to stay in as long as he wants, but for the good of the party, I think at some point we're going to have to say, 'Rick, you can't win, and all we are doing is continuing to divide ourselves,' " Kinzinger said.

He added that it is a near mathematical impossibility for Santorum to win at this point, and noted that he backs Romney's nomination.