Despite that episode, Berkley said repeating this step would only hurt these cities and any others that might end up on the blacklist.

"This policy has damaged the reputation of my state, hurt our economy and killed jobs," she said.

"Thanks to President Obama, this blacklist was lifted and discrimination against Las Vegas and Reno was ended. It's time we make this policy permanent, and that's why I'm going to introduce legislation to prohibit the blacklisting of any city in America. This means discrimination against cities like Las Vegas and Reno will be illegal."

Berkley spoke just before the House began work on a bill that would increase the transparency of government spending and cut the travel budget of federal agencies by 20 percent. But Berkley insisted that the trouble was not the choice of Las Vegas as the location for the conference.

"Las Vegas wasn't the problem," she said. "The irresponsible behavior of the GSA was."