"[T]he president should abandon the fundamentally flawed 'One China Policy' in favor of a more realistic 'One China, One Taiwan Policy' that recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign and independent country, separate from the undemocratic Government of the People's Republic of China in Beijing," it reads. It also calls on the United States to begin the process of normalizing diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and to support Taiwan's membership in the United Nations.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), the lead sponsor of the measure, said it is time to end the "One China" policy set out in the Shanghai Communique that has established a framework for U.S.-China relations since 1979, and prevents the United States and Taiwan from setting up formal embassies with each other.

"If the United States can sell fighter jets to Taiwan, we can open an embassy in Taipei," McCaul said. "Taiwan is a vibrant democracy and has been a steadfast ally of the United States and a compassionate member of the international community."

"Throughout our history we have supported the right to self-determination for sovereign peoples throughout the world; in the case of Taiwan, it is time to stand on that principle once again," added Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.). Rep. Sam JohnsonSamuel (Sam) Robert JohnsonTexas GOP lawmaker won’t seek reelection GOP to delay release of tax bill House challengers build war chests for 2018 MORE (R-Texas) is the other sponsor of the resolution.