"Once again, my friends on the other side of the aisle are insisting that the poor and the working-class families continue to suffer and struggle, because heaven forbid we should ask the Department of Defense to do its share to meet our fiscal challenges," she said. "You can't walk into this chamber … without hearing a self-serving and self-righteous lecture from a member of the majority about fiscal responsibility. "But when they say 'let's cut spending,' what they really mean is 'let's shred the safety net.' "

The House on Thursday is expected to pass the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act, which would cut about $78 billion out of mandatory programs and formally replace the required cuts to defense spending and other discretionary spending in 2013.

Woolsey said the GOP's cuts would make less money available for breast cancer screenings, less food for children and struggling families and less healthcare for children and families. The Obama administration has not yet put out a statement on the bill, but is expected to oppose it.

Woolsey argued that $1.3 trillion was spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, and said it is wrong to propose deficit reduction that does not include defense spending.

"Targeting social services while giving defense and war spending a free pass is not fiscal responsibility," she said. "It is ideological warfare."