McClintock also proposed language cutting fossil energy research subsidies, which would have saved $554 million. But the House killed that amendment 138-249, as Republicans split again 102-123.

McClintock has proposed cutting a total of $2.5 billion from the Energy and Water bill, H.R. 5325, which would spend a total of $32.1 billion in 2013. The House rejected his proposal to cut $1.45 billion in renewable energy research last week.

The votes show the ongoing split in the Republican party, which is largely divided between newer members who are looking to trim spending across the board, and more established members who are more resistant to cutting. The Energy and Water bill spends $87.5 million more than the 2012 bill did, which has not stopped members of both parties from claiming that the bill cuts spending, since it spends less than the Obama administration requested.

The House held two other amendment votes on the Energy and Water bill Tuesday evening, and planned further amendment debate Tuesday night. The votes were on amendments from:

Mazie HironoMazie HironoLawmakers join women's marches in DC and nationwide Overnight Energy: Perry makes his case to lead Energy Dept. | Dems alarmed by spending cut plans Dems blast Trump plans for deep spending cuts MORE (D-Hawaii), to move $133.4 million from Fossil Energy Research and Development Account to Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy. Failed 131-257.

Jim MathesonJim MathesonNew president, new Congress, new opportunity First black GOP woman in Congress wins reelection Lobbying world MORE (D-Utah), to transfer $9.6 million from the National Nuclear Security Administration to the Department of Energy Non-Defense Environmental Cleanup Account. Failed 152-235.