At the end of a mostly predictable debate, and with his time expired, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), who is known for making inflammatory remarks, capped his speech by yelling at Broun, "Why do you hate this country so much?"

Broun responded, "I was just charged by this gentleman for hating America, and I challenge those words, and I ask that his words be taken down."

DeFazio said, "I don't believe it rises to that level," and said his comments were not directed at any specific individual.

A request that comments be "taken down" is a literal request to have the words transcribed, a process that usually takes several minutes. After his words were transcribed and several minutes of discussion on the floor, Broun asked to withdraw his request.

Afterwards, DeFazio tried to explain his comments away, but did not apologize.

"I did not mean to direct the remark to you," DeFazio said. "It was a generic statement out of concern."

"The gentleman did obviously direct the remarks towards me," Broun said, adding that DeFazio was pointing at him when he made the remarks.

"I love my country," Broun said. "I'm a U.S. Marine. I'm trying to save my country from financial collapse."

Broun's motion to instruct conferees will be voted on Friday. The House adjourned immediately after Broun finished speaking.