Details on these bills and others that were approved by voice vote follow here:

• H.R. 1237, allowing for a land exchange between Trinity County, California, and the Bureau of Land Management.

• H.R. 4484, authorizes the government to convey 80 acres of land to Brigham University, and requires the university to pay the government for the land.

• H.R. 3388, the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Protection Act.

• H.R. 2467, the Bridgeport Indian Colony Land Trust, Health, and Economic Development Act, to put two parcels of land in trust for a remote tribe.

• H.R. 5859, to repeal a provision in law that requires auto dealers to report insurance costs to customers.

• S. 1335, the Pilots Bill of Rights.

The House passed a few other bills naming post offices and other buildings: H.R. 1369, 2896, 3556, 3593, 3742, 4347, 5837, 5958.