House GOP proposes bill removing Obama from Keystone decision

"We need consistency, but more importantly, we need to take the politics out of the debate."

The bill, H.R. 6164, has 46 Republican co-sponsors, and Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson (Utah). Republicans in particular have argued that allowing Keystone to be built would help U.S. job creation at a time when the job gains have slowed over the course of the year.

"During these bleak economic times and with our jobless rate remaining steady at 8.2 percent, it is time to release the political grip on the Keystone pipeline and begin to put Americans back to work," Terry said. "The rules have been followed, all of the required environmental reviews have been conducted and the president has praised the work on the southern route of the pipeline but continues to stall and deny the presidential permit for the northern route. It is inconceivable."