Manager Casey Stengel argued the call, and on the way back to the dugout asked why his first base coach, Cookie Lavagetto, was not arguing with him. "Cookie looked at him and said, 'because he missed first base too,' and that was the end of the discussion," Bishop said.

But while the Mets were able to turn themselves around and win the World Series in 1969, Bishop said the Obama administration is taking a world-class organization in the U.S. military and ruining it by allowing spending cuts, and also appears willing to allow for additional sequester cuts early next year.

"We're going from the '69 Mets back to the '62 Mets," he said.

Bishop said the U.S. is facing three cuts to the military, starting with a $600 billion cut that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned about. But the administration has cut beyond that, and now appears willing to cut another $55 billion as part of the sequester in January.

Bishop said 50 major defense programs have been canceled already, and said there are no aircraft modernization programs taking place now in the United States. He said the United States was spending 4 percent of GDP on military when Obama took over, but that has dropped to 2.5 percent.

"We have the smallest Army since World War II. We have the smallest Navy since World War I," he said. "We will have the smallest Airforce ever."

"We are moving the defense of this country backwards into an area that is frighteningly fearful," he said. "And that's what happens before sequestration goes into effect."

Republicans have been ramping up pressure on Obama to reach an agreement that would allow the Congress and the administration to avoid the defense cuts. But so far, Democrats have insisted on holding to the sequester in a bid to pressure Republicans to accept tax increases.

"We can't afford this sequestration as a country, and I find it sad that the President of the United States will actually say, 'I will veto any effort to get rid of these automatic spending cuts,' using the defense of this country as a hostage in a high-stakes battle with Congress over what our future tax policy will be," Bishop said. "That is not what a good administration should be doing."

According to the New York Mets and multiple other sources, the Mets lost 120 out of 160 games, not 162 games.

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