"It is the responsibility of all free people the world over. Israel cannot stand alone for the entire world," he said. Franks added that a nuclear Iran would lead to "thousands of Hamas and Hizbullah missiles" raining down on Israel, equating that threat to the threat Jews faced from Nazi Germany during World War II.

"The Jewish people cannot go back to the gas chambers," he continued. "This is the statement that needs to be heard from all over the world. The world must unite and act as an international human family and not allow the use of nuclear weapons."

Like other Republicans have over the past few years, Franks also complained that President Obama is not doing enough to show its support for Israel. Franks said Obama "spends more time criticizing Israel for construction in its capital, Jerusalem, than he does criticizing Ahmadinejad and the Iranian regime for developing nuclear weapons."

Congress passed legislation this year that further tightened economic sanctions against Iran, and Obama signed that bill into law in August.