"They refuse to let a top-down, heavy-handed federal government dictate what should be a day-to-day local decision: what goes on to the cafeteria tray," he said. "At a very young age, these students are learning first-hand the consequences of what happens when government becomes too powerful. But, they are also learning about the power of activism, and how an average person can transform a debate and influence public policy."

Huelskamp and other Republicans have protested USDA guidelines that say taxpayer-funded meals should be limited to 650 calories up to fifth grade, and increased slightly to 850 calories for high schoolers.

Earlier this month, Huelskamp challenged USDA to live by its own dietary guidelines, and pointed out that USDA cafeterias in Washington serve all sorts of food that USDA is trying to scrap for kids, such as sausage, waffles, pancakes and scrapple.