Cantor reacted harshly to Biden's remarks on "Fox & Friends" Friday morning.

"I certainly hope there's more discussion about that because Joe BidenJoseph (Joe) Robinette BidenBiden says he would advise Trump against Mueller interview Biden on Trump's 'treason' comments: 'He's a joke' Joe Kennedy: Biden likely would have defeated Trump MORE was quick to roll the CIA under the bus," he said of the incident. The administration later said the attack was planned by terrorists, not a result of protests against the video.

"I think this is also reflective of the relationship that the White House has had with the CIA," he added. "And it left the American people with more unanswered questions. The question is, why did the White House ignore the request for more security, how did all this happen in the first place? What is going on? Are we able to operate and secure our embassies?"

Cantor said he believes Ryan won the debate and, like other Republicans, he criticized Biden's tactic of interrupting Ryan throughout the debate. Cantor said Ryan was a "class act," while in contrast, Biden was "up in Paul's face, he was very animated, and I think it turns a lot of people off."

Cantor added that when Biden did talk substance, he was stuck defending a terrible economic record that has seen high unemployment and more people in poverty and using food stamps.

"How could you say that we're going to defend where we're going right now?" Cantor asked.

Cantor reiterated the same comments on Biden's debate tactic when he spoke on "Morning Joe" Friday morning.

"When Joe Biden continued to interrupt Paul and continued to get in his face, I think people were sort of questioning — OK, listen, stop it for a second, let me hear what you're going to do differently, Mr. Vice President, that what you and the President have done over the last four years."

On a different topic, Cantor also said he is not pursuing an exercise schedule that is as vigorous as the one Ryan is known for pursuing: P90X. When asked whether any photos of would surface of Cantor lifting weights, such as this week's photos of Ryan's workout session, Cantor deadpanned, "No, I can assure you not."