Rep. Markey says 'super-storm' Sandy shows climate change 'at our doorstep'

Markey is the latest high-profile Democrat to assert that Sandy is the result of climate change. Former Vice President Al GoreAl GoreAn all-female ticket? Not in 2016 Green Party could be election spoiler Even in defeat, Trump could harm the country irreparably MORE said Tuesday that Sandy is a "disturbing sign of things to come," and said the storm means more environmental action is needed.

"Scientists tell us that by continually dumping 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every single day, we are altering the environment in which all storms develop," Gore said. "As the oceans and atmosphere continue to warm, storms are becoming more energetic and powerful."

Sandy is being blamed for more than 50 deaths in the United States, as well as severe damage to the New Jersey shore and flooding in lower Manhattan. The storm closed down the federal government in Washington on Monday and Tuesday, and more than 6 million people were still without power Wednesday morning.

"If we don't cut carbon pollution, the oceans will get warmer, the seas will get higher and the storms will get stronger," Markey said. "We still have time to heed these extreme weather warnings."

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