Next week is expected to be relatively light for both the House and Senate. The House should be able to pass a Russia trade bill, and the Senate is starting work on a sportsman bill that would increase the access that hunters have to federal land.

The larger issues are expected to be handled later in the month and in December — most importantly, what to do about pending income tax rate hikes and pending spending cuts to the federal budget.

The Rev. Patrick Conroy, House Chaplain, offered words of prayer on Friday that both parties would be able to find their way to an agreement on these issues.

"Bless the members of this assembly as they begin upon the work of the days to come," he said. "Please give them the wisdom they need and the charity they must possess to work together, help them to make wise decisions in a good manner, and to carry their responsibility steadily with high hopes for a better future for all our great nation."