"The Congressional Budget Office estimates that Mr. Obama's tax increase on the so-called wealthy will actually throw 200,000 middle- and working-class families into unemployment," he said. "In their blind pursuit of an eat-the-rich ideology, Mr. Obama and his acolytes are imposing a policy that would utterly devastate hundreds of thousands of middle-class families who depend upon the jobs that these small businesses provide.

"And for what? To wring enough money to fund Mr. Obama's spending spree for a grand total of eight days," he continued.

McClintock said a simple look at how the country and the federal government have changed over the last 10 years shows that government spending is the problem, not tax levels. He said the population has increased 39 percent over the last decade, while federal revenues have increased 37 percent, about the same. But he said government spending has increased 64 percent.

McClintock spoke as the two parties continue to try negotiating a way around the "fiscal cliff," the combination of pending tax hikes and a $109 billion spending cut to the 2013 budget. House GOP leaders said Wednesday that the House could be in session up past Christmas to keep working on that deal.