But House Republicans pushed back and demanded that spending cuts also be considered as part of Plan B. As a result, Republicans will call up another bill that would cut hundreds of billions of dollars in spending over the next decade.

After a bitter debate at the Rules Committee late Wednesday, the committee approved a rule for both bills, which will be debated and approved Thursday. The rule provides an hour of debate on the tax bill, H.J.Res. 66, and an hour of debate on the sequester replacement bill, which is the Spending Reduction Act (H.R. 6684).

Both the rule and the separate bills are expected to be passed Thursday.

Also up in the House is the conference report to the National Defense Authorization Act. The committee approved a rule for this bill as well, and that rule is expected to be approved at some point Thursday.

Passage of the NDAA itself may not happen until Friday.

After that, votes are expected on nine postponed suspension bills that name post offices and other buildings, plus H.R. 1509, the Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act, which aims to ensure Social Security numbers are not printed on Medicare cards.

The Senate meets at 11 a.m. to continue debate on H.R. 1, the Democratic proposal to spend $60 billion on Sandy cleanup. Senate Republicans continue to argue that the bill is too expensive and includes items not related to Sandy, and have proposed a $24 billion bill.

The Senate may also approve a conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act, after the House passes it. Democrats have also said they may consider a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reauthorization bill, and might take up a few judicial nominations as well.