Each of the bills have been introduced before, and Larson said the Task Force would try to "take the best parts of each proposal, and mold them into one bill that will help rid our campaigns of big money influence once and for all."

The Empowering Citizens Act, H.R. 270, would encourage average people to donate to presidential campaigns, and forbid super-PACs from operating as "arms of candidates' campaigns," according to Rep. David Price (D-N.C.). The bill would strengthen rules aimed at prohibiting close coordination between super-PACs and these campaigns.

"House Democrats are committed to ensuring the voice of the average voter is not drowned out by the deluge of secret money that has flooded our elections," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said.

The Grassroots Democracy Act, H.R. 268, would give people a refundable tax credit when they give to a grassroots congressional campaign, and would create a "People's Fund" that would be used to supplement campaign contributions when "grassroots candidates are being drowned out."

"Congress’ dependency on big money is corroding the institution's ability to process the will of the people," Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) said. "We must pursue reforms that amplify the voice of the grassroots, giving our citizens and the candidates they support the tools needed to push back against moneyed interests."

The Fair Elections Now Act, H.R. 269, would provide public financing of congressional campaigns, and create a 5-to-1 federal match for donations under $100 to grassroots campaigns.

"Special-interest money has corroded the public's confidence in our government and fueled the perception that Congress is for sale to the highest bidder," said Rep. John YarmuthJohn Allen YarmuthKey conservative presses for shield law after seizure of NYT reporter’s records Dem lawmaker on Trump calling on Russia to rejoin G-7: He's 'loyal' to country that elected him Ryan leaves legacy of tax cuts and deficits MORE (D-Ky.). "Until we get big money out of politics, we will never be able to responsibly address the major issues facing American families."