Pelosi was raised in Baltimore but now favors her hometown 49ers, and as a result, she said she could not make a wager on Sunday's game in either direction.

"I don't have a bet, because I said while I am rooting for the 49ers, I would never bet against Baltimore," she said.

Pelosi attended the game and joked that she and many other were wondering who cut the power during the third quarter, which led to a 34 minute delay.

"I was in the stadium, I wondered who on the Baltimore side decided to pull the plug on the electricity," she said. "They were wondering who on the 49ers side did." The 49ers rallied after the blackout, quickly cutting into Baltimore's 28-6 lead after the lights returned.

"In any event, there was good spirit," she said, adding that the mood of the people in the stadium was a "real tribute to the people of New Orleans."

Pelosi spoke just after Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) offered his congratulations to the Ravens.

"I also want to say our leader, Nancy Pelosi, who is home-grown Baltimore, she is now a 49ers fan," he said. "But she did accept the defeat with her regular class and dignity."