The report briefly described the budgeting problem by noting that Congress has failed to pass concurrent budget resolutions in the last few years, in large part because the Senate has not taken up any resolution. But it also noted that it has been 16 years since all 12 appropriations bills have been passed.

"To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the legislative budget process, the Committee will examine alternative budget processes, including the use of biennial budgeting," the report said. "A two-year budget cycle could provide committees and Members much-needed flexibility and time for increased scrutiny of government programs and funding requests."

It said the structure of timely consideration by the appropriate committees is the best way to help reduce the budget deficit and start paying down the debt.

"This Nation, and by extension the taxpayers, are facing record deficits and record levels of public debt," it said. "Congress must ensure that its processes are best structured to allow for comprehensive oversight and informed decision-making."

The Rules report also said the committee will try to establish a joint select committee on budget process reform, and study the feasibility of incorporating dynamic scoring in the process of considering bills.