"The American people know that that's not true," Speier said. "A tragic opportunity — that's what he calls that horrific incident in Newtown, Connecticut.

"Opportunity? He has lost all sense of reality. We owe it to every American to do something rationale around gun violence prevention. And I am not going to stand here and be cowed by NRA leadership to not do what's right."

Speier said she has already been the subject of "threatening" comments on Facebook due to her stance on gun control.

Speier also mocked the NRA for putting together what she said is an enemies list, made up of people and groups that support stricter gun control laws. She said groups on that list include Hallmark Cards and the AARP, and people such as Mary Tyler Moore and Barry Manilow are also listed.

"Now c'mon, in this country… an organization would create a list of enemies because they support gun violence prevention?"