Neugebauer and his 43 GOP cosponsors argue that school districts in a handful of states, including California and New York, are partnering with Planned Parenthood to provide health services to students. Sponsors of the bill argue that Planned Parenthood is already the largest abortion provider in the country, and that federal education funds should not be sent to schools that enter into these partnerships.

"I was alarmed to learn that they are setting up clinics in public high schools," Neugebauer said of Planned Parenthood. "I'm very concerned that these centers will encourage pregnant students to seek abortions at nearby abortion clinics with little or no parental involvement."

His bill is the Protecting Life in Funding Education (PRO-LIFE) Act, H.R. 1122.

Under the bill, school districts that partner with any third party health services provider would be denied access to federal education funds, unless the health centers certify that they won't offer students abortions or abortion-related services, such as referrals for abortions.