"To this day, the national news media remains uninterested, woefully indifferent, AWOL," Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said on the House floor. "Why the censorship?"

Smith implied that the press is not following the story because it reveals the truth of the violence of abortion.

"Will America ever be told the brutality of abortion, and the violence that is commonplace inside the abortion industry?" he asked. "Or will the media, the national media especially, continue to censor, and censor?"

Smith added that the story of the Rutgers basketball coach received far more coverage from most media outlets, the same outlets that are ignoring the Gosnell trial.

Rep. Scott GarrettErnest (Scott) Scott GarrettWho has the edge for 2018: Republicans or Democrats? Rejected Trump nominee quietly hired by SEC: report Trump taps USTR's Gerrish as acting head of Export-Import Bank MORE (R-N.J.) said the Pennsylvania trial is essentially a multiple murder case, as Gosnell is being tried for first- and third-degree murder. But like other Republicans, he said it is shocking that the press is giving it minimal coverage.

"News reports on the trial are non-existent, reports of testimony and the grand jury are basically non-existent in the media," Garrett said. "The media and the pro-abortion movement are more concerned about things like Rush Limbaugh's comments on contraception, or ensuring that girls under 18 have … easy access to the morning-after pill than they are with this trial.

"I join with the rest of my colleagues tonight in expressing my disgust with this case … and disgust also with the media," Garrett added.

Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa.) said the Gosnell case is the result of a culture of abortion in the U.S. that devalues life, which can lead doctors like Gosnell to cross the line between abortion and murder. Gosnell is accused of aborting fetuses that are as old as eight months, and prosecutors have indicated Gosnell might have performed hundreds of these abortions.

"We ignore the tiniest human life at great peril, because as Gosnell demonstrates, flippancy for life creeps from the infant to the adult," Pitts said.