According to Bowers, the bill will focus on streamlining federal programs, including eliminating some of the duplication in federal programs that Republicans in particular have targeted. But the bill will also deal with issues like federal property management, including making it easier for the government to unload unused buildings.

This week, Pittenger described the contents of the bill as "low-hanging fruit" that supporters of the bill hope it can be as a way to cut spending that both parties can support.

Pittenger co-chairs the United Solutions Caucus along with Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.). The two freshman members formed the caucus in February, and said it would work to find bipartisan answers that have so far eluded the Republican and Democratic leadership.

"For too long, folks in Washington have yelled at each other but forgotten how to listen," Pittenger said in February. "Our government's spending problem won't be solved by more posturing, but a sustainable solution can be achieved if we sit down and find common ground."