Rep. Joe WilsonAddison (Joe) Graves WilsonTrump called for unity — he didn’t even last a week Dem: Trump ‘dragged this country deep into the mud of autocracy and dictatorship’ with ‘treason’ comment Pelosi: Pundits will say Trump did well 'if his nose isn’t running and he isn’t burping' MORE (R-S.C.) added that last week was "very revealing" about "misstatements of truth" from the White House. Wilson famously yelled "You lie!" at President Obama during a 2009 speech to a joint session of Congress.

Republicans today argued that members of Congress had been asking the IRS about possible bias against conservative groups for the last two years, but were told there was no bias. The IRS last week admitted to targeting conservative groups, and Attorney General Eric HolderEric Himpton HolderPavlich: The claim Trump let the mentally ill get guns is a lie Pennsylvania Supreme Court releases new congressional map 36 people who could challenge Trump in 2020 MORE today said a formal investigation would take place.

On Benghazi, Republicans have pointed to last week's testimony from State Department officials who said they disagreed with the administration's initial remarks that last year's attack on U.S. officials was a reaction to a film. They say testimony shows the administration wanted to avoid calling those attacks an act of terror.

Both parties have winced at reports that the Justice Department collected phone records of AP reporters.

Messer argued that, while Democrats are accusing Republicans of pursuing these issues for political reasons, Congress has a duty to fully investigate these issues.

"There is nothing political about working to ensure that none of these scandals get swept under the rug," he said.

Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-Pa.) agreed, and said Congress must hold any involved IRS officials accountable.

"IRS employees and officials are public servants, and those involved with this scandal have violated a fundamental precept of public service," Rothfus said on the House floor. "Those responsible for this violation of the public's trust must be held accountable."