GOP lawmaker drops support for select committee on Benghazi

Mica's May 16 request to take his name off the legislation followed a May 15 interview on C-SPAN in which Mica said he believes the investigation into Benghazi should stay in the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee. In his C-SPAN interview, he was asked whether Republicans should keep pushing for a select committee.

"I'm not sure on that. I might differ from Frank on that," he said, referring to Rep. Wolf. "I think that it should stay with Government Reform. That has multi-agency jurisdiction, I think it's been handled well by Mr. [Darrell] Issa [R-Calif.]."

Micas's comments came just days after press reports that Mica is expected to chair Issa's committee in 2015 should Republicans hold onto the House. But Mica told The Hill that this wasn't a consideration in his decision to cease his support for a select committee.

"That never crossed my mind, not in the context of this withdrawal here," he said. Instead, he stressed that he wants to avoid slowing down Congress's ongoing investigative process.

"I feel very good about the progress that's been made," he said, adding that a select committee would slow down the investigation, since it would take time to form it and require staff to run it.

In a separate statement to The Hill, Mica added that he joined Wolf's resolution to ensure an investigation would be launched that looks into the death of the U.S. ambassador and three other officials. However, he said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) quickly decided to have five House committees produce a joint report on the attack in April, and said the Oversight Committee is now using that as a basis for its ongoing investigation.

"[A]ny new assignment for investigating the Benghazi matter could delay future and timely reviews of what took place and determine responsibility," he said. "It is my belief that with this now ongoing and thorough review underway, it is no longer necessary to pursue a select committee on this matter."

Earlier this month, current Chairman Issa also dismissed the idea that a select committee is needed. "Our committee can investigate," he said.

Dozens of Republicans have been calling for a select committee on Benghazi, although Boehner opposes the idea. Mica said on C-SPAN last week that he agrees with Boehner on this issue.

"I think Mr. Boehner made the right decision," he said.

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