Specifically, current law requires companies to pay 85 percent of the salary-related costs of keeping veterans employed under the program, and the bill passed today would reduce that to 75 percent. Supporters of the bill said this change would let companies expand their hiring of veterans under the program.

The bill would also require the Veterans Administration to expand the program to other federal agencies, again in a bid to help create jobs and job-training opportunities for veterans.

The bill is paid for by reducing the pension benefits of veterans covered by Medicaid plans who are in nursing homes.

In a separate 413-0 vote, members approved H.R. 1344, the Helping Heroes Fly Act. This bill would require the government to set up expedited airport screening processes for injured or disabled members of the Armed Forces.

Supporters of this bill said some injured veterans are being forced to remove prosthetic limbs in full view of the public, and partially undress without any privacy.

Finally, members also passed H.R. 324, which gives a Congressional Gold Meal to the First Special Service Force for its accomplishments in World War II. This bill was passed in a unanimous 415-0 vote.

Each of these bills were non-controversial, and were called up under a suspension of the rules, which requires a two-thirds majority vote.