Johnson also cited last week's comments from President Obama's former strategist David Axelrod as further evidence that the government is too big to manage. Axelrod said the president cannot always know what's happening in the government because the government is "so vast."

"For a member of this president's inner circle to admit that the federal government is so massive that it's essentially not practical for our chief executive to hold it accountable, or for the president to effectively manage it, is simply stunning," Johnson said.

"It also begs the question: if it is no longer possible for the President of the United States to oversee all the federal agencies assigned to him, and to hold them accountable, then who is? Is anyone?"

Johnson said the expansion of the IRS under ObamaCare will only increase the federal government's reach. Johnson spoke just as the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee was holding a hearing on the IRS's targeting of conservative groups — Lois Lerner, who heads a division overseeing tax-exempt groups, invoked her Fifth Amendment rights and refused to answer questions about IRS targeting.

"The truth is that our federal government is too big," Johnson said. "It's too intrusive, and it's seeping into every aspect of our lives. It's taking away personal freedoms and collecting personal data.

"It has shown it can be manipulated to punish Americans for their political beliefs, all at the expense of the American taxpayer."