Tuesday: Free Parking

In the middle of the day, the Senate breaks for its usual Tuesday lunch.

It's possible the Senate will vote on Penny Pritzker to be secretary of Commerce or Anthony Foxx to be secretary of Transportation. But as of Monday night, no firm vote was scheduled.

The House has it about as easy as the Senate. A few speeches at noon, then work much later in the day on three bills that name things after people.

One of these is H.R. 2289, which names the section of U.S. tax law allowing spousal individual retirement accounts after Kay Bailey Hutchison, the former Republican senator from Texas.

Another is H.R. 2383, which names a bridge over the Mississippi River after Stan Musial, the storied St. Louis Cardinals slugger.

The third is H.R. 1092, which names an air traffic control center in New Hampshire after Patricia Clark, a federal employee who worked at the center since it opened in 1963. So there's hope for the rest of us after all …

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